We at First Call Plumbing Los Angeles know that as a responsible property owner, you will be interested in doing many things that can help with maintaining the condition of your property to the core. Examples include water heater tune-ups, drain cleaning and many such maintenance tasks. But, if you wish to prevent emergency plumbing needs, one thing you can do is to consider the main line repiping.


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Incoming water main line repiping

To maintain healthy and clean water we recommended older pipes to be replaced, especially if you have pipes that are more than 40-50 years old. This is also beneficial in reducing water costs or future damages to your property as old pipes more likely will start to leak.

Sewer main line repiping

Sewer main lines may not affect your water bills, but can leak when they older. Sometimes the ground might shift a little which can crack older sewer pipes. To avoid this and damages to your property we can either reline your old sewer lines or replaces as needed.

Why main line repiping will be a beneficial move?

Both incoming water and sewer lines start to deteriorate after a couple of decades. If your home was built 50 years ago, it is an indication that the pipes in your home are nearing the end of their lifespan based on the type of pipes used. For instance, galvanized steel pipes can last for about 100 years, while copper pipes can last to around 60-80 years. However, the deterioration in the lifespan for pipes will be decided by many other factors like past plumbing issues, quality of water and whether you use chemical cleaners that can make your pipes to fail quickly.


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If your property was built in the 1970s to 1990s, possibly the pipes would be polybutylene pipes. These are not sturdiest pipes although they are the best alternatives to the health risk caused by lead pipes.

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