How To Keep Drains Clean

Clogged drains can be a big problem which can literally stop the whole household for that particular day. So how do you keep your drains clean and prevent clogs? Let us take a look at some things you shouldn’t be flushing down the drains.

  • Food items
    Grains, vegetable slices, tea leaves and food particles like these should not be passed through the pipes. These can results in your drains to clog.
  • Oils and fats
    Oil, especially animal fats, accumulates in the pipes. It won’t have an immediate effect but it will surely block your pipe in the long run. This because they harden when they get down to a lower temperature. Even if you flush with hot water for a long time, it will eventually reach a point where the hot water no longer remains hot enough.
  • Hair, baby wipes and tissue papers
    You shouldn’t be flushing hair, wipes, sanitary napkins down the drain. This can clog a sewer system not only for your self but surrounding households.
  • Bottle caps, razors, needles
    Make sure you don’t flush razors, sharp objects or caps down the drain.
  • Paints, solvents, glue
    Paints can be really bad for your pipelines and drainage systems. Don’t flush out paints, adhesives, oils down the drain. Rather, find out better ways to dispose them off as they also are environmental issues.

The do’s

  • Keep your drains and pipes clean. You can take safety measures like use pipe filters to keep the dirt and particles away.
  • Don’t treat your pipe and drains as a garbage box. You can rather use different ways of disposing off the waste that has accumulated in the pipelines and drains.
  • If you have children at home, teach them the importance of a proper drainage system. Teach them not to flush out their toys or other things down the drain. They are innocent and don’t know so you have to be responsible regarding them and their actions.
  • It is always better to avoid hair in the pipelines.
  • You can wash and bathe your pets outside to avoid fur and hair to clog the drains.

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